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THINK! Road Safety

Working in pairs, you are going to investigate different aspects of Road Safety.
  • You will be using the THINK! Road Safety website
  • Work through the activities below in order.
  • Read everything carefully and don't rush the activities
  • Each activity has a link to the correct page. They can also be accessed by browsing the THINK! website. 
  1. Mindset Voxpops - Read the statements about their attitudes to road safety and discuss them in your pair.
  2. What do you know? - Discuss and answer the questions. Make sure you read the information carefully.
  3. What do you think? - Think about the questions and discuss what you think. There are no right or wrong answers.
  4. Under pressure - Read the details and opinions for each situation and write that they should have said and done.
Extension activities:
    Journey planner
    1. Collect the 'Journey planner' worksheet and grid sheet from Mr Dolan
    2. Use Google Maps to help you fill in the grid for your journey to and from school.
    3. The example journey and questions on the sheet will help you consider the risks of your journey.
    Find your way - Can you get to the cinema safetly and on time?
   Incident scene - Investigate the incident. Find out how and why the accident happened.