Independent Learning

These are some suggested resources you can use when working towards your independent learning targets.

Online Learning Resources

Use the lessons on Mymaths to revise and the homework tasks or booster packs for practice.

Interactive tutorials and practice

Detailed explanations and online worksheets to complete (with hints and answers). The image above links to the Year 9 topics.

Video tutorials

There are loads of great video tutorials online (many of them on Youtube). The image above links to one excellent website with videos aimed at Key Stage 3 as well as GCSE.

Another small, but growing selection of video explanations.

Other sources of help


You could ask your Maths teacher if you can borrow a textbook (as long as you return it promptly)

Notes on Maths topics

A comprehensive set of explanations for most topics at Key Stage 3 and GSCE. These can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf file (which can be viewed on a computer / tablet or printed).

Revision guides

You could get yourself a revision guide. The CGP ones are quite good, or maybe you have an older sibling or friend who might have one.

Smartphone / tablet apps

For iPhone / iPod touch and Android (full versions are paid apps).

Tracking walls

View and download copies of the tracking walls

Still not sure about something?

Why not ask your friends? 

Maybe someone else understands something better than you do.

Explaining things to you would help them as well (we remember more of what we teach others).

There may be something that you can help them with in return.